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2007 October 17
by taiyyaba

Kat-a-kat is a…..delicacy, I guess. It’s a Pakistani curry that is a mixture of various organs, usually some spiced mixture of liver, brain, kidney….all the stuff that I think is meant for bodily functions and not for eating.

Despite what you think about eating kat-a-kat, it is definitely fun to see it made. It’s made on a large griddle, kind of like a teppenyaki. The name “kat-a-kat” comes from the sound the two knives makes as they hit the griddle, chopping up the meat. This one is from Food Street in Melody Market, Islamabad. Enjoy! In the beginning, you see my dad (in a white starchy kurta shalwar) asking the cook to “play the music” as he cooks the kat-a-kat.

mmmm….simmering organs.

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