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Pasta with Roasted Chicken Ragu

2008 May 18
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by taiyyaba

Sounds fancy, eh? It’s not. Don’t be alarmed. On Sunday nights, I usually try to make a big pot of something that we can eat for dinner and that will last Ameir and I all week to take to work/school for lunch. This came together so quickly, I was back to lounging on the sofa in no time. (Summer break!). This thick sauce would also be good over couscous or stuffed into a hoagie roll with cheese melted on top.

Recipe here

Pasta with Roasted Chicken Ragu

One small onion, diced
Two garlic cloves, diced finely
Two to three cups of leftover roasted chicken, shredded
One bag of microwave-steamed green beans
One tomato, diced
One large can of tomato sauce (about 28 oz, I think)
One box of pasta (I used farfalle)

You don’t even need me to tell you want to do. This is so easy. But, for the sake of writing a blog post, I will. Come on, say it with me in your head.

– Olive oil in a pan, sautee onions and garlic till soft.
– Meanwhile, microwave green beans. Add to onions and garlic, hit it with salt and pepper.
– Add in diced tomato. Shred chicken into pan.
– Add tomato sauce, mix well, let it simmer
– Boil pasta
– Combine pasta with chicken and tomato sauce.
– Eat.

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