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2008 August 16
by taiyyaba

Drool over the sister post about falafel!

Mr. Malik is a king of shawarma sandwiches. His kingdom is a number of shawarma shops across Damascus, and I had the priviledge of visiting one of the Malik Shawarma shops in the Jami’a Abu Noor district for a late night snack.

Malik Shawarma

Shawarma is a very simple and very delicious meal – chicken marinated in special house spices and roasted vertically on a spit, then sliced and wrapped into hot pita bread. That’s it!

There’s not much more stuffed into a shawarma sandwich than the chicken – it’s really all about the slow-roasted, savory, tender chicken. Sometimes there is a layer of french fries and/or spicy sauce and/or a tahini garlic yogurt sauce, but the chicken is the star.

Mr. Malik, like most chefs, would not tell me anything about his secret house blend of spices, or how he gets the hundreds of pieces of chicken in perfect layers on the spit. “That’s the secret of the trade!” he told me.

When you ask for a sandwich, the guy will slice chicken off of the spit in thin slices. And do you know what he does next? Do you? Next, he lets the chicken slices sit….in the juices….that have been dribbling….off of the spit….all day long. The chicken gets all soaked and yummy and moist in the savory juices. And then, when he wraps the chicken into the pita bread, the bread soaks up all the juices from the chicken.

Oh. My. Allah.

Midnight run to shawarma shop + strawberry milk from a classic Damascus juice shop (pictures below) + good Kung Fu move + family = awesome.

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  1. David permalink
    February 23, 2011

    Salaam aleikum!

    Your page on Syrian falafel made me go right out and buy the mold that makes that type! Thanks for the recipe and wonderful pictures.

    This page on Abu Malik’s shawarma shop is another great enticement….. but there’s no hyperlink to the additional pictures you mention.

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