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Blessings: God, good friends, and chocolate

2009 February 20
Chocolate Happiness, from Sara

I had a really hard week. Indescribably crazy. But, it’s amazing how much people are willing to help if you’re willing to ask. Prayer has a remarkable way of calming me down. And then, my friends and family really came through for me. Even though I was stressed, I never felt alone. My gratitude and love to all of you – you know who you are.

On Tuesday, I just needed chocolate. I bought two mini Reese’s cups and a Dove bar and made a lunch of them. (yeah, it was that kind of week by Tuesday). But, to my surprise, when I got home – these beauties were waiting in the mailbox for me. Sara! I had told her about my chocolate craving earlier and she surprised me with these delicious things. They’re like huge cookies, soft like cake, with gobs of smooth frosting in the middle. Seriously. If I ever become President, these must be served at the Inaugural Ball. I call them “Sara’s cake-cookies of chocolate happiness.” I’ll let her tell you how she made them!

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  1. February 20, 2009

    mmmm i love chocolate filled cookies. a good surprise is always a pleasure isnt it. =)

  2. March 3, 2009

    Oh yes, they certainly look really good. Going over there to see how they’re made right now!

  3. March 5, 2009

    Taiyyaba, wow… I had no idea you had such an awesome food blog. I love cooking stuff, and I also like to take food photography… just not as good as you. We’ll have to get together one of these days and use our skills. Amier could be the judge.

    By the way, thanks for checking out my blog. 🙂

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