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My Naana and Naani!

2009 April 1
Naana and Naani Jaan

My dad scanned and sent me pictures of my mom’s parents – My Naana Jaan (Grandfather) and Naani Jaan (Grandmother)! The swing that Naani Jaan is sitting on is the one in the beautiful garden at their house in Sheikhupura.

Naana and Naana Jaan

My Naana Jaan (son of Khan Bahadur Ahmed Khan) was named Nazir Ahmed Khan. These are pictures of them right after their wedding. I have really great memories of them, though they both died when I was young (May Allah bless them with Jannah, InshAllah). My Naana Jaan was always really happy – he loved to smile. He also sneezed really, really loud! I’m laughing just thinking about it.

My Naani Jaan was Akhtar-un-Nisa Begum (isnt’ she beautiful?! My Mama looks just like her). Naano Jaan was really creative. She used to keep jar and bottle caps for me and then trace around them to make pictures of dolls that I could color in. I still think of her when I’ve got stubs of soap left over – she used to soften them and push them together into a layered rainbow soap. It was always fun showering with the rainbow soap!

I especially remember one day when I was complaining that I was bored. Naano Jaan listened to me complain for a while, and then took me outside by the hand and sat me down on a charpai (woven bed). She gave me a *huge* bowl of carrots, peas, and a safe knife. She taught me how to pop the peas out of their pods and peel and slice the carrots – and then left me to it all afternoon. It probably took me three times as long as it would have taken her, but she let me do it anyway!

May they rest in Jannah InshAllah!

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  1. April 12, 2009

    the jewelery your nani is wearing in the first picture is exxxxxxxxxxquisite. Whoever inherited is soooo lucky

  2. Amna permalink
    May 27, 2009

    Aww! Your mom looks EXACTLY like your nani! 🙂

  3. May 14, 2010

    Ameen to the prayers 🙂

    Loved the pictures and memories that you still cherish … such are the delights of people of their generation Masha Allah 🙂 May Allah bless them

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