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(Roasted) Corn Salad and Cupcakes

2009 August 29
by taiyyaba

(I’m sorry that this post is so late, but my blog was going through a series of technical difficulties, and I was going through a bout of laziness. But Ameir fixed my blog, and I finally got off my butt. As Sophie reminded me, I have an obligation to my readers who need my blog to procrastinate from their daily duties. Apologizes for the spazzing of both myself and my blog.)

Roasted Corn Salad

I love roasted corn. The savory sweetness of each kernel, the way the grill-marked pieces pop softly in your mouth, the charred aroma. Yum. The best way to eat it is straight from the grill, rubbed with lime or lemon and coated in salt, black pepper, and paprika. You can also shave off the kernels and make a roasted corn salad.

Unfortunately, the latter is kind of impractical to make for a big crowd. Not everyone wants to gnaw corn off the cob and get those little pieces stuck in their teeth. Then again, corn is an essential part of a summer barbeque, and I was unwilling to give up the flavor experience that is grilled corn.

Also, I had better things to do than shave off corn kernels from a million cobs. Like decorate mini cupcakes with my sweet little sisters-in-law.

Decorating cupcakes with the girls
Pictures are in Lightbox – click the first on the left to start the slideshow.

See – isn’t this much better than shucking corn? I divided up in an exact number how many each pair of hands was allowed to frost with the piping bag and decorate with the rainbow candy sprinkles. We have to make it even to prevent the “Why did she get more than me” discussion.

So I had to recreate the flavor of roasted corn the cheating way, grilling a five pound can of the sweet stuff.

This was surprisingly easy, so much so that I do not have a real recipe. Basically, I drained 5lbs of corn over the sink. Then, in batches, I laid the corn over paper towels, patted it dry, and threw it into a hot grill pan in a single layer. I let it sear on one side till it was brown, then turned it over. At the end, I kind of tossed the kernels around the pan till they were to my desired level of brown-ness. Each pan-amount of roasting takes about 4 or 5 min.

All of these went into a bowl with diced tomatoes and cucumbers, chopped cilantro, and very finely sliced red onion. Some cubed avocado would be phenomenal in this.

I dressed the salad thusly – lemon juice and olive oil, (more of the former than the latter), cumin, black pepper, salt – and, of course, pureed chipotle-in-adobo to taste. (I really am obsessed with this stuff, aren’t I?)

Voila! Roasted corn salad, for a crowd, made on an inside grill pan. Not saying it’s just as good as the charcoal-grilled kind, but it was pretty darn delicious (and I didn’t have to shave all those kernels off)

Okay, so you have leftovers? Make barbeque leftovers soup with this instead of the guacamole. It’s wonderfully smoky and rich.

How many of you are confused right now? Good, you were paying attention.

How many of you don’t know what I’m talking about? Don’t be shy, I can’t see you through my computer screen (or can I?).

Cooked cucumber in a soup? What?

I’m not majnoona. I was hesitant at first, too. But honestly, it kind of just tastes/looks/feels like zucchini in the final stew. No one will notice.

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