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Crispy Cheese Breadsticks

2009 October 1
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by taiyyaba
The wand chooses the wizard

I made these “cheese wands” for a Harry Potter party. Super simple.

Thin Cheese Breadsticks

Pizza dough
Herbs and black pepper
Olive Oil

Mix the cheese with herbs and black pepper. Roll the dough out thinly – very thinly. Cut it into strips. Brush with olive oil. While the dough is still on the board, spread the cheese-herb mixture on top. Pick up each strip and twist. Put it onto an oiled baking sheet. Bake at 400 for about 10 min, more or less. Watch them so they don’t burn. Be warned – if you do not oil the sheet, they will stick.

If you eat these immediately, they’re soft. Later on, they get crispy. Delicious either way as wands or accompanying soup.

Cheese Sticks
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