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Root vegetable dumplings with turkey broth

2010 February 15
by taiyyaba
Root vegetable bread dumplings

After a long day, I just want to collapse on the couch and eat pizza. After a stressful day, I often want to cook. Something about rhythmic chopping, sauteeing, using my hands to create a beautiful meal relaxes and satisfies me.

These little gems were the perfect remedy for a cold, stressful day. Chopping turnip and carrots into small pieces is an excellently safe way to get some frustration out!

The recipe for these root vegetable dumplings comes from my new favorite food blog, The Kitchn, by Apartment Therapy. It is a very well-described recipe, so I’ll just mention what I did to make it my own.

The vegetables I used were onion, garlic, carrots, celery, cremini mushrooms, and turnips. This is also a great place for parsley stems, because they’ve got the consistency of celery and give a nice bright kick; they’ll cook down into the mix. Once they started getting well browned and a little dry, I added homemade turkey broth instead of water.

This is what resulted.

Root vegetable bread dumplings

This stuff is pure gold. Vegetable caviar. I have so many plans for this stuff. Can you imagine this loveliness rolled into cabbage leaves and braised in a tomato sauce, like a carb-free malfouf (arab-style cabbage leaves stuffed with rice and meat)? How about spread over crusty bread with some ricotta to balance the savory? Made a little saucier and poured over polenta or couscous (*oh my god dreamy sigh*) with some cheese on top. oh. em. gee.

ANYWAYS that’s beside the point for now. Carry on with the dumpling process.

Root vegetable bread dumplings

Now, instead of using water to simmer these, I again used turkey broth, simmering the dumplings in batches. I served the broth with the final dumplings as a soup. If you do it this way, be careful to taste the broth before serving it. It may have concentrated from the simmering and boiling, so water it down a little if it’s too strong.

And done! Later on, when the broth was finished, I had the leftover dumplings over some sauteed kale, paired with a fried egg. So. much. good.

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  1. February 16, 2010

    Mash’Allah this looks so good!! My mouth was drooling looking at these pics, especially the one of the caviar 😉 Can’t wait to try this out myself insh’Allah 😀 ps. Glad to see your back, I look forward to more amazing posts!

  2. admin permalink*
    February 16, 2010

    Thanks, Hafsa 🙂

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