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The Syrian Mediterranean Coast

2011 May 4

There are protests going on all over Syria right now. As we all watch and pray for peace, I wanted to share some pictures from our recent trip to show you all how beautiful the country is. Today, the dazzling natural beauty of the Syrian Mediterranean coast.

Mediterranean Coast

I’ve done a good bit of travelling. I still have to visit the far east, which I hope I’ll be able to do eventually. But I can truthfully say that the Syrian Mediterranean coast is one of the most beautiful natural areas I’ve ever seen in my life (the others being Kashmir and Murree in Pakistan).


We took a two-day trip to drive to the Syrian Mediterranean coast, passing through the coastal town of Latakia. We then spent the night high up in the mountains of Kessab, right on the border between Syria and Turkey. A lot of Armenian people live in Kessab, making it quite a diverse city.


Tourists can rent apartments for a few nights while they’re exploring the coast – which we did! It was so wonderful to open our windows to a sunrise view of green mountains peppered with Armenian churches.


The coastline is completely unlike what I’m used to in North Carolina. Instead of flat land sloping gently into sandy beaches, there are rocky, green mountains that fall abruptly into shimmeringly clear blue-green water. It takes your breath away.

The Syrian Mediterranean Coast
Pictures are in Lightbox – click the first on the left to start the slideshow.

Mediterranean Coast

Ameir teased me, but I picked up marbled sea-smoothed rocks from the coastline – they were so colorful!

The land around the Mediterranean is also very fertile, and there are all kinds of fruit trees growing wild or in orchards in between the mountains.

Old olive tree

When olive trees get really old, they get this sensuously twisted and knotted trunk. Feels like something out of Narnia! The ground around this wild olive tree was littered with black olives.


There are hundreds of clementine orchards all over the coast. We just stopped on the side of the road and bought some to eat on the drive home!


At this level of ripeness, dates are called Ratab. They have a bright orange color and are creamy-smooth in texture, with a sweet caramel flavor and almost a vanilla-like perfume. So delicious!

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