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Back to Blogging! (and check out Ramadan Recipes!)

2012 August 26
by taiyyaba

Whaaaaa? Where have I been? A combination of business, laziness, and technical issues that have resulted in this blogging lapse. This was a serious problem – not just because I couldn’t share recipes with you all, but because my blog is like my own personal recipe box that helps me remember how to make Shakriya. My very thoughtful husband Ameir fixed it up for me as an Eid present, and I’m really looking forward to blogging again, InshAllah! I’m still working on fixing some of the pictures in older posts, but the text is all there for you to browse. (Please don’t slack off at work. It’ll still be there in the evening).

For my first post back, I’d like to tell everyone about Ramadan Recipes, if you haven’t heard of it already!

This awesome iPhone/iPad app came from Batoul Apps and Yvonne Maffei of My Halal Kitchen. It has more than 100 recipes from many different cuisines, with pictures and step-by-step instructions for every one. One of my favorite features is the “Recipes of the Day” option that suggests a full set of meals for you to try – Suhoor (Breakfast), Iftar (Appetizer), Entree, and Dessert. I’ve got my Favorites all starred so I can go back to them quickly. The app is universal – in non-nerd terms, that means the app works on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

Ramadan Recipes

I’ve cooked from this all Ramadan and am really looking forward to continue using it, especially with updates that Batoul Apps and My Halal Kitchen are working on. Look for new recipes and features from Ramadan Recipes throughout the year!

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