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saturday morning

2013 March 30
by taiyyaba

it’s saturday morning. i fell asleep early last night after a deposition (by which i mean i was sitting on the couch, watching star trek with the hubs, when the cat came to snooze on me, and suddenly it was two hours later and the hubs was saying “you really should go to bed, honey.”)

but now, it’s saturday morning. my biological clock still wakes me up relatively early on saturday mornings, so now i’m sitting in the sunroom watching the aforementioned cat chatter at birds on this lovely “still a bit too cold for NC but we’re getting there” spring morning.

my favorite (non-fruiting) tree is blooming, a white bradford pear that doesn’t have a strong fragrance but looks like an explosion of cotton balls. our backyard “grass” is really just a collection of clover flowers, which may be considered weeds but which i love. and, there are little nibs of color starting on our peach tree, which starts me down the path that leads to an insane amount of lovely fruit. i’ve got work to do, but have decided that i can put it off till tomorrow. when the hubs wakes up, i’ll make pancakes and then meet some friends for lunch at a favorite restaurant in chapel hill. so, all in all, this saturday morning is a very big alhumdulillah moment.

oh, and now the cat has arrived to knead biscuits on my lap.

why so long since my last post? laziness, mostly. but also resistance to doing anything that requires thinking after a long day of lawyering. the next few months promise to be as busy as this one is as i traverse through my first litigation experience. it’s a lot of fun and/but a lot of work and/but i’m learning a lot and enjoying it.

so right now, i’m enjoying my saturday morning. i’ll come up with some real posts soon.

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