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Yogurt with Brown Butter Fruit

2015 March 31
by taiyyaba

Yogurt with Brown Butter Fruit

Our new Keto diet is not about what we can’t eat. (Well…it was in the beginning when it was very hard to start). It’s about creating a healthier lifestyle for ourselves that we can model for our son. And though I’m not as strict as my husband is (more power to him!) I’ve still found that I can’t carb load like I used to. It just makes me feel icky. I eat as low-carb as I can and feel healthier for it.

So, breakfast? As the parents out there will know, half of your diet (and many of my carbs, actually) comes from finishing your kids’ leftovers. Hamza’s half-eaten banana was staring at me from the fruit bowl, so I combined that with my recent browned butter obsession for this breakfast.

With regard to posting these recipes – I’ll try to differentiate in the tags when something is just low-carb or when it’s truly Keto, or suggestions on how to lower the carb count even more. Please use your own judgement in what works for your body.

Yogurt with Pan-Roasted Brown Butter Fruit.

Half a banana, toddler chew marks cut off and cut in half lengthwise
Three strawberries, sliced
Spoonfull of chopped nuts
About a tablespoon of butter
A bowlful of whole milk yogurt

Heat a non-stick frying pan to medium-high heat. When it’s almost there, add the butter and let it melt. (That is, I don’t add the butter to a cold pan or an all-the-way-hot pan. While it’s still heating up). Wait until it’s just a bit past the melted stage – you’ll see it turn a little blond and start to smell the difference. Add the banana on one side of the pan, cut side down, and the strawberries and nuts on the other. Don’t touch for 20-30 seconds, then lift the banana to see if it’s getting deliciously brown. Stir the strawberries around a little. When the banana is browned to your liking, spoon the lot over your yogurt.

More Keto-compliant would be to omit the banana and up the nuts.

Brown butter is kinda magic for low-carb sweets, in my opinion. Butter is very Keto-friendly (ghee is better) and browning it brings out a caramel-like flavor that makes things taste sweet without sugar. I also can’t wait to try browned butter mixed into a cauliflower puree with some parmesan….yes, child.

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